I have a strong track record offering a variety of consulting services geared toward the needs of the online dating industry.

As Digicraft, I advise dating startups and investors ranging from scrappy startups to the world’s top money managers. My favorite people to work with are entrepreneurs looking for traction in the saturated dating market.

I offer two levels of services.

First a one-hour advisory call From advisory calls and Dating Site Startup Bootcamps to retainer-based consulting engagements, I provide comprehensive consulting and advisory services covering all aspects of dating site planning, development, launch, marketing, revenue generation, financing and more.

I’ll help you save time and money, avoid frustration and delay, turn things around, grow and thrive.

One Hour Advisory Call

Over the course of sixty minutes we will discuss your current situation, goals, challenges, resources and other topics you define.  I love doing these, and you’ll learn a lot.

Popular Topics

  • First 1,000 members
  • Product development
  • Project financing
  • Media attention
  • Managing growth

A Day Of My Time

Eight hours of advisory calls across 45 days. Most of the time we’re on the phone talking about timely decisions, what’s on your ToDo list, connecting you with resources, prioritizing decisions, and generally going with the flow of the startup process. We’ll dive much deeper into your business, todo list, financing, business strategy and other aspects common to dating startups. Each call is 1-2 hours long, with some time for light tactical efforts on my part. 

On the fence?

Read some Case Studies and Testimonials or my 2013 Dating Industry Update Keynote from the Online Dating Summit?

Confidentiality and discretion guaranteed. I am happy to sign your non-disclosure agreement. Contact me if you have any questions.

Let’s Do This

Easy: Scheduling our call couldn’t be easier. No lengthy contracts or hidden fees, just us on the phone.

Situation Report: Share the topics you would you like to discus during our conversations. Mobile app development, startup marketing , empty database, fundraising, media attention, etc.

Schedule: We’ll schedule the day and time of our call and how it will happen (Phone, Skype, Google Hangout).