Online dating Growth, Regulation, Future challenges

Policy wonk Elena Magrina at Inline Policy has written an article about regulation and the online dating industry, with a focus on the UK market. In the UK, the Online Dating Association (ODA) was set up by industry members in 2013, as they took collective responsibility for their market and … [Continue reading...]

Snap Interactive August Subscriber Metrics

SNAP Interactive logo

Thanks to SNAP Interactive for showing a little bit of skin. It's rare and great to be able to get a look at key metrics for dating sites. Cliff Lerner's quote was interesting: It's difficult to gain subscribers in August because of seasonal attrition of 6 month subscribers who signed up on or … [Continue reading...]

Online Dating Summit, Phuket

The Online Dating Summit Phuket

Excuse the mess today, changing up the blog a bit and getting things looking right across browsers/tablets/IE/Chrome/FF. There are a couple of spot left for attendees and sponsors. I spoke at their Miami event a few years ago, great crowd and event. More information at Online Dating Summit. … [Continue reading...]

More Dates Brought To You By The Letter T

The amount of research being done in regards to mate-finding never ceases the educate and amuse me. Researchers at Nottingham Trent University have revealed how wearing a plain white t-shirt with a black letter 'T' on the front significantly improves the appearance of the wearer's waist: chest … [Continue reading...]

Stale Coffee Meets Bagel

My Coffee Is Stale

While in Boston on a recent business trip I found myself at the same restaurant where I met with some potential Coffee Meets Bagel investors a few years ago. Since then CMB has convinced investors to give them over $3 million to fund growth and product development. $3M and the site is basically … [Continue reading...]

Spark Networks CEO Greg Liberman Leaves the Building

spark networks stock price

Greg Liberman spent half of his professional career running Spark Networks. The result is a lackluster stock price, junky Christian dating site and stale & forgotten JDate. Spark should be as large as by now. Instead, the general clusterf&*k with investors (Great Hill Partners … [Continue reading...]

OkCupid Says Goodbye to Traditional SEO

OkCupid hates SEO

I was just talking with someone about the recent de-emphasis of SEO practices and how Google and Facebook are paying more attention to shareability and other social metrics as opposed to traditional SEO efforts. And then I see this. This is what you get when your brand is incredibly strong. You … [Continue reading...]

OkCupid Hacked For The Win

Optimal Cupid: Mastering the Hidden Logic of OkCupid

This is the best article about gaming online dating I've ever read. Others have attempted to create super-targeted profiles, written books and been on tv, but Chris McKinlay has them all beat. From the Wired Article, How a Math Genius Hacked OkCupid to Find True Love: McKinlay used Python … [Continue reading...]

When Dating Sites Lie

okcupid blog oktrends

The OkCupid blog is back, and as usual, it's ruffling feathers. This just a few weeks after Facebook came clean about doing experiments where they manipulated user data to explore the contagion of emotion, among other things. It's great to see OkCupid publishing research again. They crunched some … [Continue reading...]