Dating Industry News For May 8, 2013

Massive link-dump and some videos, enjoy. When is HowAboutWe going to do a deal with Foursquare? Check-in, rich location data and a slick recommendation service. SimpleWash will help you purge your Facebook account of content that single people, employers and mom may not approve of. Lulu is the smart girls' app for private recommendations and reviews on guys. How … [Read more...]

Facebook’s Graph Search Awkward For Dating

Business Insider article I contributed to: Facebook's Graph Search Would Make Online Dating Unbearably Awkward. Couple of choice quotes. Sam Yagan, CEO of both OkCupid & said, "I used graph search and it showed me people who meet my criteria but that didn't mean I wanted to date those people. ... I dont think Facebook itself wants to be in dating - because its … [Read more...]

Social Discovery Dating Benefits Companies, Not Singles

Social dating and discovery in its current format is based on a wobbly foundation of media spin, investors (both gullible and heroic) and the reality that singles are tired of the decade-old dating site model. The dating industry needed a swift kick in the pants, and social dating/discovery seems to be the answer. It sure ain't pure-play mobile dating apps. There are some … [Read more...]

LikeIt Thinks Facebook Is Primed To Disrupt Dating

Brian Bowman at LikeIt has a great post on TechCrunch, Facebook Is Primed To Disrupt Online Dating. Brian made some solid points and there are a few things I disagree with, so let's dive in, shall we?   Brian sets the tone of the article right up front. Unfortunately, the dating industry has chosen to protect its charge-to-communicate business model instead of give … [Read more...]

Online Dating Summit Recap

It was great to see everyone at Online Dating Summit in Miami! Met a lot of readers from EU and AU as well as key players at top US dating sites. Many people were fried after Affiliate Summit in Vegas. My keynote presentation is at Sign up for the weekly digest of Online Dating Insider ( Follow me at @datinginsider … [Read more...]

Facebook Officially Jumps Into The Dating Pool With Graph Search

Facebook had an invite-only press event today and boy did they deliver. Facebook announced a feature so stunning and ridiculous and crazy and amazing that it could quite possibly render wide swaths of various industry to waste. One things is for sure, the dating industry is sure to feel the effects of Facebook's latest developments, to what extent it's too early to … [Read more...]

Coffee Meets Bagel

I have been using Coffee Meets Bagel  for a while now. The site boasts six thousand direct connections between members as of Sept. '12, 439,355 introductions overall as of today. One match is emailed to you every day at noon. It’s about quality not quantity and reminds me of eHarmony early days when you couldn't search for matches, they were emailed to you. You then have 24 … [Read more...]

Browser History As The New Personal Ad

People on dating sites are liars. Every last one of them. Old photos, lying about weight, misrepresenting themselves to an astounding degree and generally making themselves out to be quite the catch. Today I had a long talk with Likebright (I'm an advisor) and one of the many topics we discussed was mining and matching on people's "social exhaust": Facebook posts, music … [Read more...]

New Mobile Dating Apps, EU Dating Market Studies, Cuddling For Cash

Startup of the week: Banjo brings friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram together, by location (and it’s awesome). Via VentureBeat. This is a must-read article for anyone doing a mobile dating app. Banjo is going on my home screen right now. The folks at Rasmussen Reports found that 16% View Online Dating Sites Favorably. Thanks @jamesagardner. Cuddling for … [Read more...]

OkCupid Launches People Discovery Service Tallygram

The well-funded geek squad at OkCupid Labs in NYC are entering the social discovery market with the launch of Tallygram. With Tallygram, we’re utilizing the Facebook social graph, and our experiences with developing the world’s best and free online dating site, OkCupid, to explore and discover new relationships. As someone who follows the social discovery space closely, I … [Read more...]