Profiles Are Partially Public, Social-Graph Enabled

Here's another bit of thinking I did about Match and the social graph a while back. Some thoughts on Facebook's social graph as it relates to Graph Search, and the surprising news that my match profile is partially viewable by anyone without having to log in (confirmed by 20 people just now). A while back, I decided to poke around the only thing we can really dig into to … [Read more...]

Browser History As The New Personal Ad

People on dating sites are liars. Every last one of them. Old photos, lying about weight, misrepresenting themselves to an astounding degree and generally making themselves out to be quite the catch. Today I had a long talk with Likebright (I'm an advisor) and one of the many topics we discussed was mining and matching on people's "social exhaust": Facebook posts, music … [Read more...]

Facebook Relationship Prediction Algorithm Challenges Dating Industry Efforts

Facebook is able to predict with great accuracy the probability for two people exchanging casually on the network to become romantically involved, says Frederic Filloux, writing in Monday Note about how Big Data can change the economics of digital publishing. The internet already provides the necessary tools to see who is visiting a web site, what he (she) likes, etc. The idea … [Read more...]

OkCupid Launches People Discovery Service Tallygram

The well-funded geek squad at OkCupid Labs in NYC are entering the social discovery market with the launch of Tallygram. With Tallygram, we’re utilizing the Facebook social graph, and our experiences with developing the world’s best and free online dating site, OkCupid, to explore and discover new relationships. As someone who follows the social discovery space closely, I … [Read more...]

OKCupid’s My Best Face Remains Awesome

Here's a link to my OkCupid My Best Face crowdsourced photo evaluation. The results are absolutely incredible, almost TMI (too much information). Love how they show you who voted for you and make it easy to message them. Only problem is you have to rate 100 people to get your ratings started. Every dating site should have this feature. It could be cool of OKC turned this into a … [Read more...]

eHarmony Prospers Thanks To Big Data

Nobody, and I mean nobody, is crushing social media marketing like HowAboutWe, but I do like some of the social media stuff coming from eHarmony. How Ironic that most of the eHarmony posts on this blog are about their technology. Its crazy that the media is *still* regurgitating the four-year-old self-published stats that an average of 542 people married every day in the US … [Read more...]

Photo Likes Are The New Winks On Dating Sites

Back in the day, every dating site had some sort of a wink feature. Called by many different names, the feature was a lightweight way for one dating site members to show interest in each other. For women, for the most part, winks were more trouble than they were worth. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to women absolutely go off on guys who wink at them … [Read more...]

Match Executive Moves, Legal Win, Airtime Bombs, Taploid Launches

Lots going on with the announcement that Sam Yagan is now the CEO of Match, Inc, and Mandy Ginsberg as the CEO of Congrats to Sam, I'll have more on this remarkable executive shuffle next week. Does Have To Make Sure Its Member Profiles are Real and Accurate?  In a word, no. A legal expert dives into the ruling in the article, worth a read. A guy … [Read more...]

OkCupid Launching Roommate-Matching Service

Not satisfied with running the best dating site on the planet, OkCupid parent company Humor Rainbow appears to be launching a service to help match up potential roommates. If Humor Rainbow can pull it off, the process of searching, finding and vetting potential roommates is about to get a whole easier, fun and more interesting. I've done market sizing and scenario analysis … [Read more...]

Cupid Fights Dating Site Scammers With Scamalytics

In 2008, IntroAnalytics launched their recommendation system for dating sites. As I expected, because every matching system vendor does this, they broadened their focus into anti-scam and e-commerce. Why? In part because getting dating sites to license a third-party matching system is incredibly difficult and behavioral matching works across all sorts of industries. The … [Read more...]