eHarmony Told To Drop ‘Most Marriages’ Claim

Wasn't Eharmony’s 14th Anniversary Letter  an interesting read? Last month, eHarmony was told to drop their "Most Marriages" claim. Global Dating Insights says: eHarmony have been told to stop saying they are responsible for the “most marriages”, after a complaint by rivals The National Advertising Division has recommended that eHarmony stop using certain … [Read more...]

Online dating Growth, Regulation, Future challenges

Policy wonk Elena Magrina at Inline Policy has written an article about regulation and the online dating industry, with a focus on the UK market. In the UK, the Online Dating Association (ODA) was set up by industry members in 2013, as they took collective responsibility for their market and operations. The industry decided to self-regulate and created a Code of Practice. As … [Read more...]

Tinder Execs Behaving Badly

How unfortunate that: 1) The men running Tinder thought it was appropriate to de-emphasize the role of a female co-founder, allegedly following that up with calling her a whore. 2) This is what I am writing about after some time off from blogging. I have little love for Tinder and this further solidifies my feelings about the company overall. And Match, get some adult … [Read more...]

Match Executive Moves, Legal Win, Airtime Bombs, Taploid Launches

Lots going on with the announcement that Sam Yagan is now the CEO of Match, Inc, and Mandy Ginsberg as the CEO of Congrats to Sam, I'll have more on this remarkable executive shuffle next week. Does Have To Make Sure Its Member Profiles are Real and Accurate?  In a word, no. A legal expert dives into the ruling in the article, worth a read. A guy … [Read more...]

Skout Flirting App Tied to Rapes of Children

This is the kind of story I hate writing. Skout, longtime friends of Online Dating Insider and the dating industry, has had three occurrences of rape tied to the services in the last few weeks. In After Rapes Involving Children, Skout, a Flirting App, Faces Crisis, the New York Times reports: In the last two weeks, Skout has been used to connect adults and minors in three … [Read more...]

Dating Sites Are Selling Your Private Information

Not that this should come as a surprise to anyone, but a new study is out that shows how much personal information is shared and sold between website and data aggregators. Especially interesting is what dating sites like OkCupid make available to vendors. Stanford University computer scientist Jonathan Mayer has released a study concerning behavioral targeting and tracking … [Read more...]

Dating Industry Links 8-17-2011

DuoDater is a new Dating Website For Double Dates. At first glance this seems like a great idea but do do you really want to get into your personal history, dating nightmares and other personal topics in front of two complete strangers? The founder says sites like Match and OKCupid are intimidating and awkward. Not sure how looking at profiles and emailing people is … [Read more...]

Is Match Preparing To Launch A Facebook App?

Given the previous post about Match supposedly wanting to build a Badoo clone on Facebook, I decided to poke around the raw html that the Match web servers send to web browsers, which in turn create the Match web pages we look at millions of times every day around the world. I learned a few things. To begin with, all Match profiles are Facebook "objects". Facebook … [Read more...]

Dating Industry Credit Card Re-Billing Nightmares Continue

I don't often pick on specific dating sites that make it difficult to deal with billing issues but this reader's story is one that I am hearing all to often these days, and not just about Lightly edited for length and clarity: You are probably aware that are under scrutiny. I signed up with be2 for the 1 month free trial. Not really aware of the fact they … [Read more...]

Dating Industry Links Cinco de Mayo Edition

Vindicia launches new version of CashBox billing solution. A few weeks ago I met up with vindicia CEO Gene Hoffman, who told me they now have a number of big dating sites as clients. Gene is awesome, his team is top-notch and they really understand customer retention and acquisition through integrated marketing best practices like no other company I've come … [Read more...]