Stale Coffee Meets Bagel

While in Boston on a recent business trip I found myself at the same restaurant where I met with some potential Coffee Meets Bagel investors a few years ago. Since then CMB has convinced investors to give them over $3 million to fund growth and product development. $3M and the site is basically exactly the same as when it launched, except the communication system, which … [Read more...]

SingldOut Offers Genetic Matchmaking

Looks like DNA-based matching could be a thing again. SingldOut "is an exclusive dating site connecting single professionals via LinkedIn." The company has partnered with Instant Chemistry to provide, "The first offering matches based on your DNA." Only problem is this is absolutely untrue. The company is testing two "markers" — the serotonin uptake transporter, involved in … [Read more...]

Tagged Shutters Social Mobile Dating App

Will mobile dating apps bring an end to the thousands of stale, dormant or otherwise ignored dating sites? Last year, Swoon was making headlines as the first mobile social dating app made by women. Looks like they couldn't figure it out, Tagged is closing down the app next week. I rarely hear about dating sites shutting down, but with apps it's a whole different story. … [Read more...]

Tinder Spam Untenable, LinkedIn Next Big Dating Site

Tinder is getting overwhelmed by camgirls and prostitute spam. Symantec has more on Tinder spam. As predicted, the site of the moment is beginning it's slow torturous decent into obscurity as the usefulness of the site and the media attention wanes. I just got off the phone with Time Magazine. Let's just say that Tinder has the summer to make a splash, then the media are moving … [Read more...]

Tinder Execs Behaving Badly

How unfortunate that: 1) The men running Tinder thought it was appropriate to de-emphasize the role of a female co-founder, allegedly following that up with calling her a whore. 2) This is what I am writing about after some time off from blogging. I have little love for Tinder and this further solidifies my feelings about the company overall. And Match, get some adult … [Read more...]

Summer 2014 Dating Industry Update

Hi there, happy summer or winter, depending on where you are at the moment. And why haven't you heard from me in months? Bought a motorcycle Went to Peru with my father for a month on a life-changing journey Met the woman of my dreams (met at a bar of course) Moved into a fantastic new home I'm not entirely sure what's coming next, but one thing I've learned over the … [Read more...]

Online Dating Industry Update 11-12-13 is now making $200M a quarter. In the not-too-distant future it's going to be a billion dollar a year company. More at IAC. Now this is interesting, eHarmony gets into matchmaking at $5,000 a pop. Acquaintable has been acquired by LikeBright. Congrats to Nick and the LB team. There's a great new dating industry blog to check out. Talked to the founder today … [Read more...]

Dating Industry News For May 8, 2013

Massive link-dump and some videos, enjoy. When is HowAboutWe going to do a deal with Foursquare? Check-in, rich location data and a slick recommendation service. SimpleWash will help you purge your Facebook account of content that single people, employers and mom may not approve of. Lulu is the smart girls' app for private recommendations and reviews on guys. How … [Read more...]

SeekBromance Posse Enlargement

While technically not a dating site, I received an email from Seekbromance and had to give them a shout-out. Yeah dude, this is clearly gonna be the ODI  Site Of the Week. What a great idea. Dudes that need more dude friends. Gay dudes, straight dudes, regular dudes, any kind of dude now has a place to go find a bro to hang with. I know I could us it, 95% of my friends are … [Read more...]

They Didn’t LikeIt Enough

When LikeBright and LikeIt (formerly The launched around the same time, I thought they were going to be the new Zoosk vs. Are You Interested comparison for new-school dating sites. Both companies have solid teams, strong visions and some cash to burn while they figure things out. LikeIt burned through ??? of the $1.7 million they raised and shut down April 30, … [Read more...]