Tinder Invented Sex, Goes Insane

Longtime dating expert Julie Spira wrote a piece on HuffPo about a Vanity Fair article,  Tinder and the Dawn of "Dating Apocalypse.". Update: Tinder just lost its mind on Twitter over a Vanity Fair story. Grab the popcorn, this is going to be good. I couldn't even bring myself to finish the VF article. Story after story about relationship-challenged New Yorkers. Men in New … [Read more...]

Cuban Disses CMB, Funds Competitor Courtem

The Coffee Meets Bagel crash & burn on Shark Tank has led to an interesting development. Mark Cuban, who's $30M offer the CMB sisters turned down, has invested in Courtem, a dating app from the Anheuser-Busch family. Cuban serves as an advisor and holds an equity stake in the company. Singles join Courtem to see, "what someone might offer them as the best date of their … [Read more...]

Whitney Wolfe, Other Former Tinder Employees To Launch Direct Competitor Called Bumble

A bunch of ex-Tinder staff have left to start a competing service. They may or may not have raised several million dollars. This reminds me of the mass staff exodus from JDate who left to start a competing site. That site lasted a year then faded into oblivion. Whitney Wolfe, an early employee at Tinder who sued the company for sexual harassment and workplace discrimination, … [Read more...]

HowAboutWe co-founder: How to Avoid Delusional Thinking in Start-up Growth Strategy

Over the years I have posted many links to Andrew Chen. Andrew has a great guest post written by Aaron Schildkrout, co-counder of HowAboutWe, which Match recently acquired. While we're talking about the industry, SFGate has some great stories about the online dating industry. For IAC, it was just another day at the top of the digital dating food chain. HowAboutWe needed an … [Read more...]

LikeBright Pivots to Reveal Chat To Help You Build Real, Social Connections Via Anonymous Chat

Several years ago I connected with Nick Soman, founder of LikeBright. We've been in contact ever since, talking about the dating industry, market opportunities, matchmaking based on the social graph, etc. After raising over $1 million and trying a number of concepts, LikeBright was stuck. They were unable to figure out how to leverage the social graph to facilitate better … [Read more...]

Hinge As The Anti-Tinder

The Hinge dating site story is interesting. Hinge is built on the backs of Tinder and the handful of sites that have previously attempted to leverage the Facebook social graph by enabling friends to discover friends of friends and match each other. Everyone else has failed, but with $8 million in the bank, Hinge is officially the new HowAboutWe. They have some media hype on … [Read more...]

Skalfa Releases SkaDate X Dating Software

Over the years I've helped launch countless sites on dating site platforms like SkaDate and Boonex. Boonex moved into the social networking market, and SkaDate I hadn't heard much about in recent memory. It turns out that SkaDate has been busy building a new platform. Snip... We finally launched the new version  of our flagship product, SkaDate X. Note that this is not an … [Read more...]

Lovetagged – Date Your Friends’ Friends

Lovetagged, a new Scandinavia-based company lets you play matchmaker for your single friends by setting them up via Facebook. Similar to past versions of LikeIt, LikeBright and a handful of other now-defunct or pivoted companies, LoveTagged is a new Facebook-based matchmaking application that allows users to be virtual matchmakers. LoveTagged will take the … [Read more...]

Stale Coffee Meets Bagel

While in Boston on a recent business trip I found myself at the same restaurant where I met with some potential Coffee Meets Bagel investors a few years ago. Since then CMB has convinced investors to give them over $3 million to fund growth and product development. $3M and the site is basically exactly the same as when it launched, except the communication system, which … [Read more...]

SingldOut Offers Genetic Matchmaking

Looks like DNA-based matching could be a thing again. SingldOut "is an exclusive dating site connecting single professionals via LinkedIn." The company has partnered with Instant Chemistry to provide, "The first offering matches based on your DNA." Only problem is this is absolutely untrue. The company is testing two "markers" — the serotonin uptake transporter, involved in … [Read more...]