Matching Algorithms, A work in Progress

A while back I wrote IBM Deciphers Personality Types From 200 Tweets. I’ve had countless email discussions with everyone from psychologists to dating site matching algorithm experts and others about the industry’s take on matching systems. While I’m no psychological expert, I have a fair grasp on how the industry thinks and operates. First, dating sites are simply … [Read more...]

Scamalytics Hires VP of Sales

This is great news. Scamalytics, based in London UK, maintain the largest shared anti-fraud blacklists specifically dedicated to the online dating industry. Scamalytics has hired Dave Wiseman as VP of Sales. Wiseman has extensive experience selling fraud solutions into the online dating industry, having previously run European sales for Iovation. Dan Winchester, Scamalytics … [Read more...]

SingldOut Offers Genetic Matchmaking

Looks like DNA-based matching could be a thing again. SingldOut "is an exclusive dating site connecting single professionals via LinkedIn." The company has partnered with Instant Chemistry to provide, "The first offering matches based on your DNA." Only problem is this is absolutely untrue. The company is testing two "markers" — the serotonin uptake transporter, involved in … [Read more...]

Cupid Media Hack Exposed 42M Passwords

An intrusion at online dating service Cupid Media earlier this year exposed more than 42 million consumer records, including names, email addresses, unencrypted passwords and birthdays, according to information obtained by KrebsOnSecurity. It drives me absolutely crazy to read things like this. Storing plaintext passwords, what is this, 2002? Inexcusable lack of … [Read more...]

Scamalytics Launches Free Scammer Health Check for Online Dating Sites

Back from Peru, what an incredible trip. It's amazing what a few weeks in the jungle, seeing Machu Picchu and visiting ruins at 13,000 feet will do for one's health and perspective on life. Lost 10 pounds and I'm the calmest I've ever been in my life. Dad and I had many memorable experiences that I'll never forget. Before leaving, I unsubscribed from 50 marketing/social … [Read more...] Profiles Are Partially Public, Social-Graph Enabled

Here's another bit of thinking I did about Match and the social graph a while back. Some thoughts on Facebook's social graph as it relates to Graph Search, and the surprising news that my match profile is partially viewable by anyone without having to log in (confirmed by 20 people just now). A while back, I decided to poke around the only thing we can really dig into to … [Read more...]

Facebook Officially Jumps Into The Dating Pool With Graph Search

Facebook had an invite-only press event today and boy did they deliver. Facebook announced a feature so stunning and ridiculous and crazy and amazing that it could quite possibly render wide swaths of various industry to waste. One things is for sure, the dating industry is sure to feel the effects of Facebook's latest developments, to what extent it's too early to … [Read more...]

Denied by Eharmony & LikeIt (TheCompleteMe)

  Interesting to see the "Sorry you are not eHarmony material" put-down and then the newly rebranded saying my Facebook account does not meet their minimum quality standards. Can't a guy get a break around here? To make matters worse, I have been unable to log into LikeIt (new name for for several days. The site says it has 22 million … [Read more...]

Online Dating Industry News For 11-19-12 Two great great dating site videos. "There's something you should know about Jen, she voted for Dennis Kucinich", Ha! Great marketing piece to pander, I mean cater, to liberals and conservatives. Political affiliation-based dating sites are definitely a niche, but given … [Read more...]