Cupidcast Interview:

The latest Cupidcast show is up on iTunes. Last night we talked with Suneet Wadhwa and Trish McDermot of Much of the conversation focused on the hot new "social dating" trend, a great topic for singles as well as dating industry executives. Please show us some love and subscribe to CupidCast in iTunes. Next week our scheduled guest will be Dan Abelon, CEO of … [Read more...] on CupidCast Radio

It's Thursday, which means we're taping another episode of Cupidcast. Tonight the CEO Series continues with Suneet Wadhwa, founder and CEO of Engage. Darwin and I sit down with Suneet to talk about online dating, Engage's approach and what advantages daters have mixing it up on Engage. I'm excited to announce that Trish McDermott, VP of Love,, is going to join the … [Read more...]

Cupidcast Internet Radio Launches

Several weeks ago I was approached by a gentleman named Darwin Stephenson to participate in a new Internet radio show about dating. Today I'm proud to announce the launch of CupidCast, the Internet Radio & Podcast Dating Show. CupidCast is part of the STUDIO [darwin] radio network. CupidCast is a weekly Internet Radio Talk-Show and Podcast covering the latest dating trends, … [Read more...] Launches The Great Mate Debate

Hot on the heels of the Eharmony Labs launching the Hot Science Blog, today launched The Great Mate Debate. Each week, Chemistry will ask experts their opinions about relationships in America. Why does Chemistry use the phrase "relationships in America?" I guess Canadians and 190 other countries do not apply. Whereas eHarmony doesn't seem to link to the blog … [Read more...]

I’m Late to the CEO Blog Party

I just found out that Jim Safka, CEO of, has a blog. I can't believe no one tipped me off about it until yesterday. Jim hardly ever posted to it, but there was enough openness that it seemed like he was writing it, not the PR department. Although you never know, the PR people are getting savvier about corporate blogs, except when they get caught starting them and … [Read more...]

Blog: Dating Facts

I've just emailed back and forth with Eric, who write Datingfacts, a blog about the dating industry in the Netherlands.  Eric tells me that in the Netherlands there are already more than 300 dating websites. For just 16 million people and only 2.4 million singles. … [Read more...]

GoFish Launches Branded Dating Show

Video sharing site GoFish is promoting it's online reality contest, American Dream Date, by posting footage on other video sharing sites. Jet Set energy drinks are the sponsor of the show, which is using social networking to build it's brand. Listen to the postcast and read more at ClickZ. … [Read more...]

Layers of Identity Podcast

Aldo CastaÃeda posted our podcast discussing the marketing implications and emerging surfaces of identity and attention systems. The talk primarily covers the layers of the identity stack, with particular focus on data providers and aggregators leading up to my thoughts on how our digital self will be represented in the future.   … [Read more...]

Lavalife World Chat

Lavalife has integrated Skype into what they are calling Lavalife World Chat, which is in beta. This is the first large dating site to integrate VOIP and starts a trend we can only hope continues to grow. From Skype Blog: The idea is this — you call in and record a short profile about yourself. You then listen to other people’s profiles and send them voice messages. … [Read more...]

Skype Will Own Part Of Click-To-Call Market

Listening to Bill Gates, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Niklas Zennstrom, CEO of Skype and Cisco CEO John Chambers and moderator Geoffry Moore (Crossing the Chasm) in Davos at the World Economic Forum. The podcast is a rich vein of deep thinking, too much to get into here but I will say the first thing that jumped out at me in regards to the dating industry was when Zennstrom said … [Read more...]