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Scamalytics Identify Stolen Celebrity Identities Being Used by Online Dating Scammers

Raven_RileyGood to see Scamalytics increase their efforts in identifying  additional scam vectors on dating and other websites.

“As an anti-fraud company we aim to analyze as much relevant data as possible” said Scamalytics co-founder Dan Winchester. “Analysing photos is a natural next step for us. We are picking up more fraud faster by identifying scammers from their photos before they even go live on a dating site.”

“Reputable online dating companies are keener than ever to clamp down on fake profiles created by scammers, and we are now even more effective in helping our clients prevent these fake profiles from ever appearing on their websites.”

Emphasis on the phrase “Reputable”. Most social dating sites do little if nothing to seriously curb fake profiles, otherwise their user base would dwindle.

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  1. Of course the problem is that a lot of dating sites seem to want fake profiles on their sites to make them appear filled with potential attractive dates and dare I say that some dating sites even create their own fake profiles…

  2. Watch out for registered sex offenders on dating sites. Here’s a registered CHILD sex offender in Utah who is on a sugar daddy website trying to pick up women (he’s married):

  3. Well, yes there are people that uses other photos or profile maybe to protect themselves or what but i don’t think that its a good idea since its really considered as fraud. Good to know that there are already these people who’s identifying scammers from their photos before they even go live on a dating site.

  4. This soon to be released mobile dating app seems to be safe

    • I think a lot of these big dating sites don’t offer enough to the users
      A friend told me about a fairly new dating site I was skeptical at first but when I was told they plan your dates from start to finish I was knew I had to give them a try

  5. First thing when you date with someone please check the profile pics properly and then decide to go ahead

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