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Where Are The Dating Industry Holiday Videos?

Earlier this year a few intrepid dating sites made company videos and I’m wondering if we’ll see some holiday versions over the next few days. It’s high-season in the dating industry after all, perfect to time get closer to your members.

For inspiration, the First Round Capital holiday video is great!

Zoosk, At First Sight, Tinder, etc., it’s your turn.

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  1. Which holyday are you referring to?

  2. John Peterson says:

  4. Ahem, David, I just stumbled across your site now, and have not read all your posts. I will say that I don’t think you are evil though. I’m not sure what you think of that, a stranger making such an unusual comment. I have tried online dating sites, many of them in fact. They are all geared much more towards making money for the owners than providing success for their users. I guess this strategy has been successful. It’s a short-term strategy though. Over time reviews will hopefully put the worthless sites out of business.

    Online dating has potential, but sites need to be restructured to benefit the users more than the site owners. This translates into less money for the site owners in the short and maybe the medium term, but over the long term quick revenue growth (churn and burn & negative reviews) is worse than slow and steady longevity, characterized by user success (positive reviews, word-of-mouth, etc.). I can only think of one site that has really worked for some friends of mine (starts with an e).

    I delved into online dating once again recently and wrote about my experience. I would be very much interested on your take. If you are interested see my post here:

  5. Wow, not a fan of this video to be honest. Seems like a mash up of annoying songs and bad pop music videos. I can’t even figure out what they are trying to advertise.

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