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Focus on Dating Startups: Likebright Social Dating

Likebright podcast with Online Dating InsiderIts been a long time since I did a podcast so today I hopped on Skype with Nick Soman and Richard Luck of Likebright, a new social dating startup out of Seattle. Likebright launched out of TechStars. You know who else launched from TechStars? Ignighter, recently renamed StepOut, the fastest-growing dating site in India (TechStars 2008, $4.22M in venture capital raised to date).

In today’s episode with Likebright we talk about social dating, how dating sites are leveraging Facebook, social exhaust, vouching, social mirrors, friends matching friends, predictions for dating in 2012 and much more.

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  1. Thanks for hosting David! We enjoyed the chat.


  2. I listened to your podcast with a smile on my face…yes the online dating niche is growing enormously and StepOut is indeed a great success story in India. Maybe a model we all need to look at…Thanks for sharing your thoughts with Nick and Richard during your skype call.

  3. Set-ups by friends always sound like such a terrible idea. If it works, your relationship with your friends automatically is changed, and if it doesn’t, you’re left with feelings of guilt and a bitter friend.

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  5. Not a bad idea! Good for them- anything that gets people connecting we’re in favor of, plus niche is definitely the way to go. Some won’t want meddling, for others, it will be an easier dip into the pool. Why didn’t I think of that? :-)

    Dating can be fun. Heres my insight at blogger

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