Should I Pay $71 To see My OurTime Flirts?

ourtime-flirt-message[Editor note: This post is the most popular one on this blog and has been for a long time. Who knew?]

After signing up yesterday with a silly profile and ugly photo, I’ve received my first flirt from the new Match over-50 dating site, OurTime.

This is where I really feel for singles. Do I pay $20, $53 or $71 to see who flirted with me?  In any other context, paying $20 to read an email is insane. Especially when it’s only a wink. Dating sites really have no option but to work this way. Its unfortunate but how else are they going to get free members to convert to subscribers?



If I knew the flirt was from a verified member, I probably would be more likely to pay up, but the fact that they don’t show the person’s photo or username or a bit of text from/about them has me on the defensive.

I’m talking to OurTime tomorrow, should be able to report back with some clarity on where the profiles are being copied over from and other details about the launch.


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  1. Could you please email me on how much it cost to join Our

    • i signed onto for a month at 20.00. got some dates and phone calls and found less scammers than was full of scammers–it got to be funny after a while. One guy I talked to from match said he came across some female scammers and they were easy to spot. The male scammers were easy to. I like Ourtime better. Match is a little more expensive.

      • Isabel, I agree 100% with you. If I could just see the message, I might pay one month.
        I could I ever say “I’m looking for a husband” unless I met someone and the only reason the marry is for love. Maybe all of them are scams. I’m frustrated.

      • hOW Do you spot scammers as I’m new to this…

    • It was my suggestion to this site that they allow new users to read the first few “flirts”, say 3-5, without paying a fee. I received a “flirt” within 15 minutes of registering for free but would never pay to see it. (BTW, you can send a flirt without paying.) Seems to me that, unless people are really desperate, it would be more advantageous to allow a couple of free contacts before forcing one to pay. They lost me through their policy.

    • These sites are set-up as dating sites, however if you read the TOS of most of them it clearly states that it is for entertainment purposes and “some” of the profiles are made up and communications between them and you is meant to stimulate more interaction between you and the site. Here is one I copied from a popular web site… READ THE TOS before paying…

      “You understand and accept that our site, while built in the form of a personals service, is an entertainment service. All profiles are provided for the amusement and entertainment of our members and our users. You are not guaranteed that you will find a date, a companion, or an activity partner, or that you will meet any of our members in person.”

  2. yes please do let is know how much it costs. If I pay 20.00 for a month how can I cancel
    if I change my mind? there is no information and when I log on it tells me the sites don’t match. I can’t send money to something I don’t understand

    • sandy–you can check your account and it tells you when your time expires and then opt to call in person to cancel or cancel online under your ‘account’ feature. I got off Match twice and now i am on–Isabel

  3. this money charging is f#cked up.

  4. Why is it that almost all of the males I see on Ourtime are Catholic, or Christian? What gives?

    • I am on Ourtime paid subscriber. I am still looking. Some contacts so far, no real connection.. But iam here! james

  5. Ourtime is a rip off. I joined and all the “members” who contacted me are fake people. I tried to get a refund and they refused. Don’t waste your money on this site.

    • Cher—i actually found real people on Ourtime and have been in contact by telephone with a couple of them, I found more fakes on Match than ourtime. what gives?

    • Cher, I agree 100%. Our time is loaded with scammers!

      • Michele, I agree with you. Ourtime was a waste of time. Some flirts/messages were from people in my area; many were not. One guy’s profile said he lived in my area, but when we began chatting via the Ourtime website I found out he lived at least 5 hours away in another state. After I got a blatant request for sex I contacted Ourtime and asked that they cancel my subscription and refund the remaining balance. They refused. Oh, they did thank me for alerting them to the sicko.

  6. I ha e not joind or signes up, uet fojnd my profile here. How about 100+ messagea before i complete a profile. I found rhis bery odd. Keep me posted
    I am not joinimg jowever qoild like to fins ojr howh profile ended ip on their site.

  7. I’m glad that I looked at the comments on this blog before I signed up for “Our Time”. I think that is a rip off. It’s sad that these companies prey on peoples loneliness and desire to find someone. What was the outcome on contacting ‘ourtime’? We have to be very alert for rip offs, they are out there in droves!

  8. sydney Perry says:

    Something kept bothering my mind. I signed up for Our time and in no time I had accumulated a lot of messages and flirts only for that to stop in a matter of days. Though I am not yet a paying member, I am still able to access my account but what am not sure of is if my account is still visible to members. Am asking this because I don’t want to make the mistake of paying to a site where I will no longer get anymore response. Please can anyone en lighting me more on this?

  9. Thought I try an “older” dating site and all I can say is; Scammers Rome freely on this site!! Be smart don’t join and you will be thankful for this tip.
    I complained about one in particular scammer and next thing I know his face is plastered as new subscriber, same photo but differant name,
    Be careful .

  10. People find various dating sites either good or bad depending on their experience or from what they have heard.What works for one person may not work for another person. You may find your soul mate on one dating site and your pal may find theirs on a dating site you considered bad. You should be sure of what you want before paying any money.

  11. I think most of you are right….big waste of money and time. Way to many e-mails from out of state that seem to only want your personal e-mail address for gawd knows what scam. Think I better stick with family. I think after 60 you are rarely going to find anyone. Most older men looking for 40 or 50 year old anyway.

  12. Funny, all the guys that contacted me had a sad story of wives and children dying in horrible accidents, They tell you how great there relationship was with the spouse 15 years ago. They seem to travel from Slidell, La to Texas and all of them have fascinating careers of importance, yet no women. What a freaking joke.

  13. I’ve subscribed to Match and others and the men were all losers or scammers. They are bums or leeches just looking for a woman to support them. Or they are men that have anger issues, gambling issues, or just plain selfish. These sites just waste your hard earned dollars. Don’t get your hopes up because nothing good will probably come of it.

  14. I just checked out the profiles using an external search and substituted different town names in the address bar…..viola! All the same photos with different towns. Obviously a misleading site.

    You have been warned folks :)

  15. I am going to purchase a P/Paid visa card for $25.00 and pay the one mtn.fee for Ourtime dating, this way how much can the scam me, if i am not happy with my flits and mess. I will just use the card up before they can bill me again also i would never never give my real credit card information to any company on any site. That is why people get ripped off. Monty

    • Monty did they accept your “PP Visa card?” I had the same idea, but a friend told me that all only accept true CC’s.

      I’m a first time poster to the site and to single sites in general. Was eager to subscribe to see all the emails (over 30 in less than a week), but after reading everything on this site I have concerns. Just really don’t understand what happen to the world and their need to dup people for the almighty dollar. :-/

  16. I was “scammed” on have been with them for 2 yrs…I religiously provided them with 5 Emails a month, that I kept track of and was even told “you’ve done great,” how about some more..The first time I had to argue with them, I did not answer a “pop up” question, which I never received on my screen, and they gave it to me..The second time I satisfied their “so called guarantee” of six months free, even though I went above and beyond my 5 Emails a month, which I kept track of, they charged my credit card $119.86..My guarantee screen was no longer visible, since I satisfied their requirement, but they charged my credit card $119.86..When I talked to several reps and finally a supervisor, they stuck with their story, that I did not X the box which read..”Did you meet your soulmate..”, which never came up…

  17. Does anyone have information on OurTime management staff? I have asked how does communicating with inactive members work and why inactive members are included in my daily matches. All I get are canned responses explaining how to use their website. I know how to use the website, yet, there’s nothing that addresses communicating wth an inactive member. Bottom line, there is no communicating with an inactive member, and if that’s the case, the inactive profiles should be removed. All they care about is getting the money, and I’m about to send a letter to the Better Business Bureau. Maybe that will get their attention.

    • eharmony does the same thing – matching you with inactive members – it’s actually in their terms and conditions that they will “on occasion match you with inactive members” or words to that effect. No logic of course other then to inflate your responses – after two years of off and on use I’m thinking all of these dating services – paid or free have issues. Use with caution and have fun!

      • Kelly Netzenheim says:

        I agree with most of these posts. I was on for two years and then e-harmony for three years. Most men on these sites are from the two extremes; either good catches but looking for rich Barbie dolls, or total losers with addictions, weird religions, fat and ugly, multiple girlfriends, ect, ect. And scammers? They are everywhere, and some are laughably blatant about it. Adorable 25-year olds from foreign countries declaring their preference for 50 somethings? Um . . . . . . yeah, right!
        Also hate those who say, Oh, why don’t you join a church, take a class, volunteer, on and on, to meet someone. What you find is married church members, married classmates, married volunteers. Sometimes I believe there are unhappily married people out there, but will not leave their spouses until they have someone waiting in the wings, and that means entering into a relationship with a married man, something I am not quite (due to my personal morals) ready to do. But getting desparate . . . . . . .I want a boyfriend!

    • so trrue, yoou should not be charged if your profile is hidden and you can not receive any messages or flirts. alot of scammers, and too many profiles with no p ictures and no information.. if you tell them you are going to quit, you will receive so many views on your site with no time at all, all from the company . trying to get you back.

  18. Maybe this site is the best path to start an honest relationship. For myself, I have never joined any dating sites, just want to chat, hear other outlooks and opinions about life, philosophy, maybe even politics.

    Obviously those dating sites do not work for many. And having to pay for nothing, seems outrageous. I wonder if there is any site just to get friends; nothing else.

    • Georgina, you and Kelly express my frustrations and concerns with dating sites perfectly. Like you, I would love to chat with well-educated, accomplished members of the opposite sex without the narrow preconceptions of a dating site. Unfortunately, open chatrooms are usually monopolized by scatalogical morons, and open listings expose the members to spam and scams. I have found no answer to date.

      Here is why I do not subscribe to any dating site: all of them are at bottom businesses, and very lucrative ones at that. In my area, there are far more than 2,000 Match subscribers for men alone. Multiply that times 50 major urban areas at $20 a month = $2 million. Now double that for women =$4 million from one city alone (and that vastly understates the number of subscribers; the real number is probably closer to $8 -10 million per month). For the entire nation, a large dating service generates at least $50-100 million a year, most of which is net profit (the costs of maintenace are relatively low). And that doesn’t count the added fees you mentioned. Many of these dating services are even publicly listed companies. Get the picture. Their focus is on making money, not matching people. That they use phony profiles (an unethical practice in my book) to stimulate subscriber interest only underscores the point.

  19. I also was disappointed in OurTime. The site was hard for me to navigate (technology-wise). Although I could see my picture, apparently no one else could. And I couldn’t chat on-line. Foolishly, I paid $71 to join for six months, only to cancel my membership ten minutes after joining out of frustration. I only received canned answers to my questions — could not figure out how to speak to a human being at OurTIme. If one can speak to a human being, the ability to do so is not prominently displayed anywhere — at least, I could not find it (and I looked).

    • Kelly Netzenheim says:

      I hear your frustration. I, too, have had bad luck with these sites. I have joined several, one thing I have noticed is at the beginning, you get a lot of interest from other members, but it fades away after a while. Makes me wonder if there are ‘fake profiles’ (maybe maintained by employees of the site?) to hook you in at first. Anyone else get this feeling?

  20. Roger Strange Jr. says:

    eHarmony/ Would like to know how you got my acc and how you were able to debit my acc for $53.97 . I’ve never subscribe or ever intend to subscribe this is not going unnoticed, this will be reported.

  21. Roger Strange Jr. says:

    Every body I’m inclined to believe this whole sight is a SCAM and action should be taken…

  22. If you click upon “upcoming birthdays” , you’ll see that about 80%of the profiles, display no pictures. This is really bewildering.

  23. Monty, I was thinking of trying the Our Time Dating site when I read your comment. I just did not feel real secure about all of this and your comment about using a one time charge card was great. I will try that and do it for one month what can it hurt? right, Kala

  24. If another site is actually less successful than OURTIME.Com then I am in trouble. As a decent, fit gentleman, I registered my profile & pictures. I receive flirts from older or out of shape women. I have initiated sending messages to nice looking women who I felt I was compatible with. Most ignored me, maybe 15% responded. Then of the 15% I may have received one or two E-mails exchanged and then it stops. The most annoying is when a women says to me that she would like to hear more about me or get to know me better and I send them a sincere message & do not hear back from them. This has happened from the 15% that I was fortunate to hear anything from.. I think OURTIME has been a whole lot of nothing for me and I hoped there was something better.

    • I think the reason you don’t get responses is because the women aren’t paying members and are unable to do anything but a wink. I have been on
      and off for a couple of years and have had the same experience. All things considered; a waste of time & money. Go take ballroom dance lessons or go to wine tastings!

      • Kelly Netzenheim says:

        Yup, tried dance classes and wine tasting. Met great people; married couples, boyfriend-girlfriend couples, lesbian and gay couples. All great people, but NO SINGLES! When I would mention I was single and looking, I got one response from a married woman, she had a single uncle. Agreed to a blind date. Guy was about 100 pounds overweight, comb-over hair (you know, growing hair long from one side to comb over a bald head) had no interests or hobbies other than a weird fascination with, I am not kidding, Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoon strip. All he could talk about, wanted to show me his collection. Huh?
        Sometimes wish I was immoral enough to start an affair with a married man. Gee, think I am lonely?

    • I only pay for a month at a time and then when it is a a reduced rate. I am up front, decent, and honest but the women are either so horribly out of shape and talking about how they exercise and eat right or they are too good to be true.

  25. I’ve only been on this site for 3 days and I’m going to take down my profle. I have the same problems as many of you mentioned. Men sending flirts, liking your profile and liking your photos, but they don’t include a message, just the same canned responses over and over again. Men from out-of-State. The same man sending you up to 10 messages a day, each one more urgent than the last one, and then getting pissed off when you don’t respond. Sheesh, I feel like I’m being cyber-stalked, and it’s probably by men that don’t even exist. At least I only signed up for one month. If you still want to sign up after all these negative comments, make sure you go into “My Account” and disable the automatic renewal option. Then print the page and keep it in a safe place. You may need it if they “accidentally” keep chargng you. Your credit card compnay will help you get a credit. At least mine did.

    I’m giving up on-line dating. Several of you mentioned I signed up for that. At least you meet real people while doing something you like.

    • I checked in here to see what the comments were for Ourtime and glad I did because I’m NOT going there!! I haven’t seen anyone mention Plenty O Fish site. Personally, for several months I got on and off that (easy and “pain-free” to do and it’s FREE), met a couple men that I didn’t hit it off with and then gave up but maybe I’m too old to please anyway…?! I’m sure others have had better luck….Kathy: your comment about feeling like you were being “cyber stalked by men that don’t even exist” is unfortunate, but that off the cuff comment made me laugh out loud – sorry… {: /

      • Kelly Netzenheim says:

        Plenty of Fish is free, but be very wary. Lots of total losers and scammers. If you do not live in a large city where you can be fairly anonymous, consider using a ‘nickname’ and icon for your picture. If you meet any serious possibilities, tell them you can e-mail a picture (set up an e-mail account specifically for this purpose). This way you protect yourself. I speak from experience!

      • Kelly Netzenheim provide good advise, but just like me… most people are not interested in viewing anyone showing an “icon” pic. (automatic red flag of “what else are you trying to hide”) A friend keeps trying to encourage me to get on “POF,” but the one time I visited all I was seeing were pictures that should be up on the post office walls or those thinking posting pictures of bare chests next to a “bathtub” jacuzzi is HOT…. so not. Outside of this… those that she has connected with are awesome up front, but once the physical meeting takes place the true colors start to shine brighter. :-/

  26. Match is scamming as well… I’ve had the same thing happened as Phil… what’s going on! This is HORRIBLE!!

  27. Barry Stephens says:

    All these sites pay women to chat and MSG you so to keep you paying as a member. These women are NOT REAL. When you try to get an actual date they are ‘ too busy’ and disappear. Total waste of time and money.

    • Kelly Netzenheim says:

      I believe you are right. I have had the same experience. I, too, think they pay people to get you hooked into thinking someone is interested in you, then they are gone.

      • Good advive, Kelly. Maybe a group of us should get together and create a real, honest dating site for us seniors! We may even get a write up in AARP!

        Yes, I am single and like you, would like to have a girlfriend….well, boyfriend for you…haha

        No, don’t alter your morals and date a married man….stick to what you believe

  28. Forgot to mention that I agree “Meetup” is quite a GOOD site – has countless groups that actually EXIST attended by actual people you can meet up with because YOU ARE ALL INTERESTED IN THE SAME THING…like horse-back riding, hiking trips for folks within certain age groups (I’m in an over 50 hiking group) surfing, dining out, dancing, theater – you name it. Again, it’s a great way to meet friends with the same interests. Check it out…!

    • Kelly Netzenheim says:

      I did a Meet-up group, you are right, they are a great place to actually meet REAL people. However, all the single women were in the same boat as me, looking for single men and not finding them. Plus, I was in a group from a very large city, and rarely met the same people twice, so didn’t really connect with anyone long term (friend-wise, I mean). But otherwise, good overall.

  29. After I built my profile but before I paid any money I got two flirt messages as other people have described. I paid to see them and one was clearly a scam and the other was clearly a shill for the web site. Since then I have contacted real people on the site but I still think it sucks they feel it necessary to employ shills to get you to pay.

  30. Another issue I noticed is this is not like gmail or facebook in that any button you touch on a person’s profile sends them an e-mail. It is really creepy. just opening and looking at a profile sends that person a notice. There is a favorites button that I stupidly though I could use to organize my search but no, it sends a bad canned e-mail telling the person you are their favorite. really creepy. I ended up sending follow up messages just to apologize. So my advice if you want to use ourtime is to just use direct messages and don’t press any other buttons.

    • Exactly!!!! I’ve done the same thing! Then they’ll email and chew me up for not responding, when I didn’t want to flirt in the first place!

  31. I found out that by using ourtime, and telling the ladies that you also have a facebook, they can also check out ur pictures, and also your family, and can send you a message there for —–FREE.

    Something for free—-imagine that—it’s free………………

    • Kelly Netzenheim says:

      Yup, I kind of thought of the same thing, but then creeps and scammers can get info on your FB friends and family. Anyone else see a way around this?

  32. Katie Mac says: was a waste of time the first time I tried it in early 2012. All the ads and online promotional information indicated it had grown. It is not as populated as, and I keep getting dozens one line ‘click’ flirts from members all over the country, even though my profile states no long distance. These flirts are put in the same email message box as serious emails, making culling through all the inputs to find serious email communications both time consuming and frustrating! And, most of the gents on have no profile, just a line or two, asking you to send them a message. They don’t seem serious for a fee-based online service. is simply not effective in the area I am currently located in, and it’s features fall short of the price you pay. At this time, I recommend you pass on

    • Kelly Netzenheim says:

      Thanks, Katie. I was thinking of joining Our time but think I will pass. I have been divorced ten years now, was on both and e-harmony for years and could write a book on how disappointing it all was. What’s a girl to do?

      • Just Me [Steve] says:

        You sound like a nice person. Frustrated, but nice.
        I’d like a chance to correct the injustice of those joke dating sites by asking you out but, how would we begin? How would we communicate on an open forum such as this yet still preserve each of our privacy/safety?
        See the predicament?
        If you can find a magic way singles [such as you and I] can communicate without the non-sense/scamming of dating sites yet, insure our privacy… I’m all ears and willing to give it a try.
        Just Me [Steve]

  33. I actually knew a guy who was hired by through his modeling agency. All he had to do was look at the profiles of girls that emailed him so they could see he did. That way they wouldn’t know he was a fake. They had him listed in several towns under different names.

    I’ve met some legit men on, POF, and I’m trying out What I’ve learned is many men are unrealistic. They think they somehow deserve better than they do. I’ve got so many guy friends on and they admit they are just on there for a hookup. They say in their profile they want long term, yada yada, but admit to me it’s just an easy way to hook up. Add a great job with a nice salary and they are set! Beware of guys that look too good to be true!

    I’m not perfect, but because I use realistic photos that are current and don’t post 1/2 naked pics, guys pass me up. The ones that take a chance have always commented that I’m sexier and prettier in person. I don’t want to attract the kind of men that my friends have become so I refuse to put it all out there!

    So with all that, here’s my take:
    eHarmony was once a good thing, but now they have no members and have to post fakes to lure more customers-too many hoops to jump through to create a profile. I got one date and he was clearly 10 years older than his pics and I had to pay for eh to screen that for me????? used to be legit about 10 years ago, but all the scammers figured out the system. I’ve had several friends (even my brother) meet and marry from (BUT 10 years ago)
    POF: Creepy!!!!!!! You honestly get what you pay for and POF is free! Every loser that’s not willing to pay goes on POF. I’ve met some of the biggest low life’s on POF. But…their site is easy to maneuver! Lol!
    Ourtime: no different than all the rest…just older and more set in their ways…their site is also pitiful, forcing winks and flirts,etc when you don’t want that.
    GOOD LUCK ALL! (Apparently we all need it)

    • JKB I doubt you actually have a friend paid by match to look at profiles. Send me his email address so I can confirm this otherwise it’s simply not true.

      • Kelly Netzenheim says:

        I totally believe these sites pay for people to simply respond to new members, to get them interested and hopeful. Ten years of experience here. All the sites I have joined in the beginning send you lots of winks, flirts, whatever, from very interesting matches, but nothing pans out, then everything fades away to all the creeps, oddballs, the fat and ugly, scammers. Be very wary.

  34. WORD TO THE WISE…. genernally speaking to all. Classy ladies do NOT want to see or hook up with “babydaddy loser nicknames or tags,” for sure the sexual undertone nicknames/tags are a sign to run the other way and your bedroom pictures should be left for the one you find the true connection with NOT the permanent files of the internet.

    So please…. clean up your names and/or tag lines. Dark pictures only tell me you’re trying to hide something. Full body pics are great. But, I also want to see close up pics because that is where the true story of your soul is. Pictures of your activities are nice, however, if you are not in them then please only post one…. not the other way around.

  35. I was also scammed by Our Time – in order to view the members (to try to decide if I wanted to join), I had to set up a user name. I did not realize that each person I viewed received a notice that I had viewed them. I also “favorited” a few people for future reference – again, I did not know that they received a message that I had favorited them. Of course, a few of them sent emails to me and asked for a phote, etc., which I had not added as I had not joined yet. A member who I was kind of interested in, sent me an email and asked for a photo. As I was not a member yet, I could not respond to his email. I did not want to be rude and not respond to him (I would not want someone to do that to me) so I joined and spent $71! I incorrectly thought that if I cancelled before the end of the first month, I would get a refund – WRONG – once they have your money, no refunds for any reason! This is not clearly stated except on their detailed terms and conditions (and no one reads those). Anyhow, the guy turned out to be a flake, sent several emails to me, suggested we meet, called me once for 1 minute to ask that we set up a time to meet in a few days, then emails me to cancel and “wish me luck” with no explanation! I did not see anyone else on the site of interest to me, so I spent $71 to meet someone who ‘terminated’ me before he ever met me (thought he did waste my time for a month). I did not get very many responses from local guys but got about 15 emails from guys in other states?? Maybe those are the fake members? Anyhow, I am not happy about their no-refund policy and think it should be illegal. The whole thing is shady! I will not join again.

  36. I have been on Match off and on for a couple of years. The women I have contacted rarely respond. I don’t know if they don’t have a membership and are unable to or they are just too lazy to even hit the “no thanks” button. The last time I canceled my membership all of a sudden I started receiving messages and winks and women who have favorited me. But I couldn’t find out who until I signed up again. There are many scammers on match but I know a 25 year old woman out of state is not going to be interested in a 54 year old man. Sign up for one month at a time. When you cancel you membership they come back offering you 3 months for the price of one. So you pay for one month and get two more free.

    I accidentally clicked on some button on match and they instantly imported my entire profile over to Nothing even popped up asking me if it was ok. So now I have a profile there. Since I started getting messages and flirts I thought I would pay for one month and check it out. The one month membership fee is $23.99. What they don’t tell you is there is a $3.99 credit card processing fee so the first month is $27.99. Total rip off. After checking my messages I realized I have probably wasted my money. Several were from out of state or much older. I will see if I hear from any that I write to.

  37. It has been very enlightening reading about all of your experiences and comments. I almost joined and in the course of trying to locate a phone number for them, I found this blog. Now I will not be joining!!! Thank you all for the heads up.
    .. But what is a 56 year old fit active lady to do?? I too find interest groups are either all couples or all women!!

  38. Dennis near Belleville, Ontario, Canada says:

    The posts here are a fascinating read but the thing that sort of jumps of the page at me is that almost every poster is someone wanting to meet some. In other words, it’s like being at a party where not only is everyone single but everyone is looking … and everyone knows it. Yet, apparently no connections. Why? I think the answer is in that we have all developed the mindset that one can meet people in only certain places – like Internet dating sites. Why doesn’t everyone give their name here as I have – with location. For all I, or any one else knows, there is someone posting here that lives down the street or across town or something. But, with no location info, we assume everyone else is on the other side of the continent.
    To get back on topic, I do a WhoIS lookup (this a linux command but I don’t know what the windows equivalent is or if there even is one) on the domain name of any dating site I am contemplating. These results most often send me scurrying away as most are in obscure foreign contries that I do not think I want to do business with. Others, like appear to be owned by a company in Texas but the domain registration info is extremely vague, which does not exactly build confidence, i.e., it strikes me that someone is hiding something.
    I think is a good place to avoid. I started to sign up for but became wary when I had to fill out an extensive profile before I could get anywhere. I aborted that mission. Next day I got a list of matches of which two were interesting and within a half hour drive to towns that I travel to frequently (in easterna Ontario, a half hour drive is akin to a couple of blocks in, say, Montreal, New York, or Toronto). Anyhow, I write a brief message to the one lady only to find that, forget the profile, only wants the money. Weird thing is, the lady lives in a hamlet of less than 100 people.
    Bottom line? If an interesting conversation with an attractive person that is clearly single in the supermarket check out can’t lead to something interesting, it is unlikely that Internet dating sites will either.
    The other bottom line? I would happily pay much more than the rates IF the quality of service was apparent. It looks like a waste of time and money to me.
    - Dennis

  39. Don’t join this site, it is mostly ghost writers and almost no real people are on it. If you figure this out and say something about it in one of your mails they sensor you and you don’t hear from anyone. Which says how bad it must really be.

  40. I have tried site after site and continue to have the same ‘losers’ on all of them. Love the ones where you get a message and when you look, the person is no longer active (if they ever were. On this site, I have stated I want someone within 50 miles of my location and getting them from all over the US. Also, keep getting flirts and messages from 45 y/o’s. Come on people, I’m not a cougar and am not interested in someone that is my son’s age. Met one guy for coffee who said he was my age. As soon as I walked in I could tell he was 15 – 20 years older than me….why lie about something that will be so obvious! So unrealistic. I give up! I will just have to believe that if it is meant to be it will be.

  41. I have fun with, lead to I discovered exactly what I was looking for.
    You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  42. don. oceanside cA says:

    I read the same story from all the women. “You’re too fat. Too short too hairy too poor. OMG !!!!! YOU actually still work ? Here is the bottom line we “older guys” I’m 56 btw may not be tall dark hamdsome. I’m sure there a bunch of jerks pervs etc but a lot of are just lonely good guys. Not looking for a 14 on a scale of 1 to 10 just a down to earth gal who can enjoy the litle things in life. Had a couple dates. One told could not wait to see me again. But never heard from her again ( liar?? ) and that was the best ofvthe group

  43. OurTime Dating has been running TV ads .. I started setting up a profile this morning .. Before any words, Even before any photos, I got an email saying someone “flirted” with me .. Then an email saying 5 guys had looked at me .. Going to the site, Both emails were total Lies! .. Do not trust this site.. They send out fake stuff .. Today I also removed myself :)

  44. Anglette Sinclair says:

    Cancel this no longer interested in ourtime for women

  45. I read all this and wanted to just see after myself even with all the evidence coming from peoples post here if it is indeed that bad. I had a profile set up a couple months ago that came up as showing many emails, likes, favorites and so on. I decided on the 1 month plan knowing I would immediately cancel it from the start, which was a little tricky, but canceled it. Paid 20 bucks and although a couple emails were real, most were regenerated emails from one person over and over again about 15 times. She wasn’t remotely attractive which confused me even more, but ourtime just doesn’t seem to care how they brand their site. So, after validating with others here take my own example and don’t waste your money. I did try sites like 10 years ago and although I didn’t have success with meeting a partner, I had many dates and some good experiences… Again, avoid…

  46. Check out the BBB. 56 complaints…in the past 4 mths!

  47. Check out BBB for this company. 56 Complaints in 4 mths! I joined for ONE month, because they kept dropping the price to “hook” me. After signing up, I was offered the automatic charges to my credit card, which I denied. Therefore they charged my card the FULL 6 mths in advance! No where did it say this would happen. I cancelled my account in 15 mins from signing up. Told them to no bill my account, since they basically “stole” from me. After 24 hrs, my card was still charged. I sent another email…and got a random auto reply. Finally, emailed them, threatening to contact BBB. This is when they locked my account. Yep, I can’t get in without entering my credit card! In their “conditions” it says ” under no circumstances will there ever be a refund. However you can cancel at any time. Member who cancel will have full access to their account until their time has expired.” Since, I can’t get into my account, they have not only took my money, but aren’t living up to their contract. BBB report filed!

  48. Complete waste – 99% of all internet dating is a joke. I went against my better judgement and joined Our Time for 1 month. It is a complete waste of time. A big problem is that profiles are shown, but unless the person has paid the subscription to “upgrade” they can’t send or receive messages. The website doesn’t say if a person is a paid member or not. If I send a message to a non paid person – I’m completely wasting my time. My finding is that most of the Women on internet dating sites are there vicariously. Can anyone prove me wrong? I’m going back to the old fashioned way – taking my dog to the park, getting out & hopefully meeting someone real – not wasting lonely time in front of a computer screen.

  49. I was going to join Ourtime until I read the comments. What is it with these sites? Why do they have to charge women. I was on POF site (plenty of fish) and have been for a couple of years. Just cancelled because theres nothing but jerks on there as well. And it didn’t cost me anything. So go figure. I work alot and finding a good man is very hard to do. But you still have to be careful so I guess going on websites gives you more control. But like anything these days has to cost money and there will always be a..holes there. Most people dont take it serious like we do. Oh well. Im putting my faith in God. Im sure he will find someone for me when its my time. Good luck to all of you.

  50. I have been on Our Time for about 6 months and I am very happy with it. I was also on Match and EHarmony but received a lot of remote messages and scams.

    On Our Time, I get a lot of messages from local singles and go on a lot of dates.

    I am totally optimistic that I will eventually meet the man I want on this site and
    I plan on remaining on there. I one downside I experience is a lot of messages from other states but the way I feel about that is not an issue, can be kind of complimentary at times. So far, Our Time is great for singles over 50 and the best site I have expperienced.


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