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Chatroulette Founder Raises New Funding To Monetize 50,000 Naked Men

While most of us have officially hit the “Next” button on Chatroulette (NSFW), the high-flying videochat sensation company has raised new funding.

From media darling to sharing a bedroom with his developers, its been a rollercoaster year for Chatroulette founder Andrey Ternovskiy.

Ternovskiy says:

Since we’ve implemented the content-control system, the site has become cleaner, and more people are starting to use it,” the founder tells Fast Companytraffic did begin to rise in October and November. “Now it’s my job to shape the business into something more sustainable.”

Of the roughly 500,000 visitors Chatroulette receives daily, about 10% are males itching to show their business, and Ternovskiy is working hard to monetize these, er, members.

An earlier post we did, WooMe Launches Competitor to ChatRoulette, is by far the most popular post here and gets as many hits as our home page.

Videochat is coming to dating someday. Its going to take an incredible user experience, spot-on content management system and the world’s ongoing fascination with Skype to drive adoption rates. Until then, expect a few dating startups to implement videochat from time to time, with varying results.

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  1. I see a marketing opportunity for veagra, play boy, bra zzers, and other adult oriented entertainment


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