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I Was Rejected by eVow

evow denied!I logged into eVow. Looks like Markus turned on a more stringent filter that has now decided that I am not serious enough about dating to be deemed acceptable to be a member of the site. Similar to getting rejected by eHarmony if you are not straight enough or married too many times to pass their “acceptable risk” criteria. It upset me off for a minute, and then I laughed it off. Can’t wait until they turn on the paywall.

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  1. Hi there,
    I was on eVow and enjoyed writting to the ladies, went on holidays for 4 weeks and was deleated without a reason as to why.
    Wrote to them but they are too gutless to answer. I think eVow is the cleanest site of them all but has too many faults. Who in the hell in this day of age is satisfied with just writting a letter anjd waiting for a respons. You chat directly to each other, those sites are the best ones

  2. Dear sirs,
    Enjoyed writing to ladies on evow till i went on a months holiday and on my return i found out that i had been deleated for no reason.
    If posible could you please tell me what i have done wrong,,i find tat this is most anoying not being told

  3. I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve looked at a man’s profile, only to get a wink back. and when I answer, I get some message in broken English – clearly NOT a message sent by the guy on the profile claiming to be an engineer. Either someone is hacking the site or putting up false fronts. I hate this site.

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  6. Tried it this morning 100 times an can not get in anymore an even tried the password they sent me still can’t get in

    • just wrote the thing as you …does this mean we are still on site really angry that they have my picture and profile (all perfectly normal!!) i cant even get access to make sure they have deleted me it even legal to this and refuse to anwer our emails …..horrible situation ?

  7. well evow are having a laugh .im on plenty of fish and i tried to go on evow of which i used to be on before .and now they are telling me im not seriouse enough about dating .are they having a laugh or what .if i wasnt seriouse enough i wouldnt have attempted to go on there .just what the hell is wrong with that web site .

  8. Is this a joke?

  9. Happy Gilmore says:

    eVow is a site for people looking for a serious relationship or for someone to marry. It is completely reasonable for them to reject your signup request if you indicate differently on your application. If you find members that you think are lying about their details, report them and if they get a sufficient amount of reports, I’m sure that they will remove the member.

    Mozzy: I don’t really have anything to say about why they would have deleted your account but if you didn’t have a picture then I wouldn’t blame them for it. If you’re not serious enough to even post a picture then you obviously aren’t right for the site. (Not to say you didn’t post a picture, but if you didn’t then that could be a reason)

  10. yes i had the same ..had an acount ..deleted it as i had too many nutters on there so made a new one only to be told all accounts from me would be found and deleted lol
    what a laugh!!!

  11. evow rocks! –need to get rid of yahoos who are not serious about dating and relationship. They have every right to set the criteria by number of marriages or lack of pictiure. or whatever…I do find it to be best and “cleanest” site to meet more-or-less forthright people. Perhaps that might be the reason I find it to be so….THE MORE RIGID CRITERIA… go, evow1

    Hey people…ya only get so many chances to be an a** on the site….haha If ya don’t like it, try lavalife; they have three interactive levels: relationship, dating, and f–king.

  12. for no reason i can think off i am unable to access my evow account ?it says mu username and password dont match ..not true …like others i have emailed them several times and they do not reply just a normal girl …very decent so nothing wrong at all with my profile setup …im very upset they have possibly left me on there site with my picture and i cant even get in and delete myself ..what is going on ?? what can i do ?? thankyou

  13. Yeah it pissed every one off that found our accounts doesn’t exist anymore because they removed them from their system! !
    If we wanted to make changes in our profiles we can’t because is no more. Then create a new one. Waste of time!

  14. Plenty of fish and evow both suck and are a scam. When you try to send messages it says its send but doesnt even send them. They ban like racists so now you know why you sit and wait forever and no reply. Its a total scam and a big waste of time. There are so many games they play it would shock you. Marcus has a pretty bad reputation from what i read online, no idea what he could be doin with all your personal information.

  15. I went out with one man from POF a couple of years ago, not a match, but he was a normal guy. Other than him, the pickins were slim. I signed up for eVow when it was launched, so now I don’t have to pay to use the site. I met a very nice guy right after signing up, but again not a perfect match, although we went out 2 or 3 times. I just now met another seemingly great guy on eVow (after not using the site for about 2 years), but I just met him on there and I’m trying to not get my hopes up. He’s really respectful and looked at my likes and took them into consideration in our online convos and he seems really great (it’s after meeting in person when you can really tell, and we haven’t done that yet, since we just met on the site a few days ago). The only bad thing I had happen so far is someone over 25 years younger than me contacted me on eVow and that’s way too young…I’ve dated around 15 years younger but that is about the youngest I would go (I’m over 50). I had no more luck when I signed up for eHarmony and Match years ago than I have had on eVow.

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