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TrueScoop Offers Free Background Checks On Facebook

The first Senior Engineer at Facebook has launched a background check service on, you guessed it, Facebook.

TrueScoop, an Arbor Venture’s product, today announced the release of a new Facebook application which searches through over 20 million records and a million photos for personal and criminal history of anyone, completely free of charge…. This service, which can normally cost upwards to $40 per search, is done completely free and confidentially.

How can a company give away a $40 background check for free? I’m having trouble getting the app to work, will post screenshots once it figures out who I am.

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  1. One thing I’ve learned is that the quality and coverage of the data varies as much as the the quality of the user experience as you attempt to verify yourself, or on the case of TrueScoop, someone else.

    I just found out my data is basically broken in some data providers databases and there isn’t a thing I can do to fix it. So much for the adjudication process.

  2. need to find out all information.where is here,where he’s living,does he have a daughter,did his son and wife died,if anything is true

  3. Shannon Stanfield says:

    I want to get a full background check on this individual.

  4. says:

    all these sites that have free background checks really charge b4 seeing… i need an absolutely free one… no money. just trying to get my son out of an abusive situation and really need the background check

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