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Smutvibes Adult Social Networking

From TechCrunch, straight out of Jamaica comes Smutvibes, the newest adult social networking service from Vibesnetwork. Explicit photos are encouraged. Absolutely 100% NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

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  1. i am surprised that they put up google adsense on their site knowingly that they dont like adult sites.

    this borderlines gray if anything.

  2. I think google should support sites like those… hmm, a few adult sites advertise with them, too. What are those sites doing, trying to convert the none pervs?

  3. adult social networking says:

    Great i will have to check out that adult social networking site. But yeah google doesn’t allow adsense on adult sites they will get there account closed eventually.

  4. ive signed up to its a great adult social network site with loads of features.

  5. Smutvibes has disappeared from the net!
    Can anybody tell me what happened to it, or where it can be relocated?
    Will it be back? We’re missing it!

  6. Walter & Gaylene says:

    Been trying for days to connect to smutvibes. So what has happened? Why didn’t they let people know they were shutting it down..Thats not right. We’ve lost all our connected friends from there. It’s not Fair !!!!!

  7. I’d like to know too. What happen to smutvibes? It’s wrong to just “shutdown” without notice…met some nice people..lost my friends. Are you coming back? another cool site…like smutvibes??
    btw…hello to Ray Mulli…..

  8. wat wrong whit this website i try it every day and i not get true

  9. What happened to smutvibes? Lost alot of my friends from there. why didn’t they let anyone know they were shutting it down? is it going to go back on line? whats going on?

  10. what happened to smut says:

    If your interested in knowing what happened send an email to I believe that he is the owner of this website. It could be that they are having server issues because Smut owns vibesconnect as well.

  11. anynomous says:

    Smut is not closed it is down and it is said to be back online soon.

  12. anynomous says:

    its sorry for the bad information

  13. Hey, I just emailed and all I got back was failure notice… returned….thanks anyways:)

  14. I just got a email from delroy it is going back on line tomorrow he said….

  15. Plommilioge says:

    You got to check this video out I found on Youtube. Its badass.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    youtube video

  16. drebung says:

    smutvibes has disappeared..and with it my list of friends. has it relocated elsewhere?/

  17. Hello All! Again, wondering what happen to Smutvibes…Is it down for maintance and if so for how long? Missing!! Thanks for your response.

  18. new birth says:

    Smutvibes keep crashing…that is why i give up on them i am on now

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  20. I have found
    Its way better then Smutvibes.

  21. adult networking says:

    check out the free adult social network

  22. Does anybody know what the best adult social network for Europe or The Netherlands is? Did a lot with smutvibes and miss the contacts!

  23. Does anybody know what a good adult social network (like smutvibes) is for Europe / The Netherlands? Did a lot with smutvibes and missing it

  24. I had loads of friends on there, but it went, then cam back for a week then gone all together, does anyone know any other free adult contact sites? dont see why we should be ripped off to chat and send emails.

  25. The website is coming back in a few days… you can go there and use our friend’s website in the mean while: :)

  26. I congratulate them on the launch of the site. We are an adult dating site at , we do allow explicit photos, we have done so for the past 6 years.